The hormonal ups and downs during menopause

The Hormonal Quiz
The Hormonal Imbalance Quiz

If you are perimenopausal or menopausal or simply feeling 'out of sorts' trying taking this quiz to see if your hormones are out of balance.
Here’s how to take the quiz:
Read through the eight categories, note down the top 5 symptoms that currently apply to you. Once completed, add up the total of symptoms in each category. Total up your symptoms in each category, note how many apply to you and jot down the number in the box next to “TOTAL”. Finish and check your answers at the end.

a) I experience puffiness or bloating
b) I feel irritable and/or experience mood swings. I have heavy, painful periods.
c) I have gained weight, I have difficulty losing weight, particularly around my hips, bottom and thighs.
d) My doctor says I have fibroids.

a) I feel emotionally fragile or/and I reflect a lot about the past. I have difficulty with memory.
b) My periods scanty, fewer than three days.
c) I experience depression, anxiety, or lethargy. I have night sweats and/or hot flashes.

a) I experience PMS seven to ten days before my period is due. I get headaches or migraines around my period time.
b) I often feel anxious.
c) I have painful, heavy, or difficult periods.
d) My breasts are painful or swollen before my period is due.

a) I have hair growth on my face, chest and/or abdomen which is something I have not had before. I am suffering from acne.
b) I have oily skin and/or hair.
c) I have patches of darker skin (e.g., armpits)
d) I’ve noticed my hair on my head is thinning.

a) I have a low libido or not interested in sex.
b) I suffer with depression, have mood swings or weep easily at silly things. I am not motivated.
c) I am tired or feel fatigued during the day or the doctor has diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome.
d) I. cannot gain muscle, and I appear to be losing muscle mass.

a) I still feel tired in the morning, even after a full night’s sleep. I rely on caffeine to see me through my day.
b) I want to go and take a quick nap most days.
c) My energy levels crashes in the afternoon. I crave something salty or sweet .


a) I have a life that is extremely stressful.
b) I feel overwhelmed by stress and cannot cope.
c) I have extra weight around my tummy . I have difficulty falling or staying asleep.
d) I am tired at night, but my mind is still busy.


a) I have brain fog or feel like my memory is not as sharp. I appear to be losing hair (head, body, outer third of the eyebrows).
b) no matter how much I sleep I still feel tired.
c) I’m often constipated and need a stimulant (like coffee) to move my bowel.   I’m often cold and/or have cold hands and feet.

If you have scored 0 or 1  in a category = This category is unlikely to be a reason for the symptoms you’re experiencing.
If you have scored 2 to 3 in a category = This just might be your hormone out of balance, meaning that right now this is likely the dominant hormone aggravating your symptoms.

  • Category 1: Too Much Estrogen 
  • Category 2: Too Little Estrogen 
  • Category 3: Too Little Progesterone 
  • Category 4: Too Much Testosterone 
  • Category 5: Too Little Testosterone 
  • Category 6: Too Little Cortisol 
  • Category 7 Too Much Cortisol 
  • Category 8: Too Little Thyroid Hormone
This quiz is an indication and any concerns should be checked with your doctor