28 years Experience - Prices all include a top up 4-6 weeks after the first procedure.  A thorough consultation and patch test is required before any procedure.

Eyebrows from £290

Eyeliner from £85

Lipliner from £290

Scar Correction from £75 per hour

Areola Restoration from £250


Or call me for more information. 07378 838205.  You can download the Question & Answer Information Pack here

Q & A Permanent Make up.docx

See below for some before and after photos.  Full portfolio available on consultation.


Before and immediately after eyebrow enhancement - colour will fade by 30% in the following 4 weeks.

A natural, soft creation

Very light, thin eyebrows were requested after not having any for many years

Eyebrow thickening and shape changing.  PREVIOUS Before picture of tattooed eyebrows  was not my work - thankfully as eyebrows are completely different!

Before and after eyebrow tattoo together with eyeliner on top and bottom

Before and after of previously faded tattooed eyebrow.

Before and after of eyeliner enhancement top and bottom

Before and after of lip liner and some blush colour into the lip

Before and after of lipliner and blush colour into the lips