Consultations are available for softening lines & wrinkles.

Very deep frown lines will need a little filler as well as botox to give these beautiful results

Above picture shows how a drooping smile can be lifted safely with dermal filler as well as upper lip line softening

A very soft lip filler adds volume and fullness

A very soft lip filler adds volume and fullness together with uplift by using dermal filler on the marionette lines

A whole lip shape can be changed and enhanced for fullness and remodelling

This soft filler has given these lips shape and lift

Upper lip lines completely softened, naturally.

Dermal Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that already exists in the body.  Ideal for areas of the face that are lacking fullness.  Lips, cheeks, nasal lines, marionette lines, jawline.  A thorough consultation is carried out before any treatment.

Lip filler £200

Lip and marionette lines £300

Marionette Lines £200

Cheek Enhancement start from £200

Upper lip Filler for smokers and ageing lines from £150