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I have worked in the beauty industry for over the last 30 years, 13 years managing my own salon, 7 years teaching beauty therapy and the last 9 years in Australia and New Zealand treating skin conditions.  Over the years I have come across many health related conditions that have affected the skin so I decided to study  The Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine in Australia to help understand the complexities of body systems and how it  affects our health and what causes disease.

Since returning to the UK I have found many of my friends and family suffering from hair loss, adult acne, hormonal disturbances, eczema and psoriasis, to name but a few! Our lifestyle and diet has a great impact on how we look, age and feel so now as a Nutritionist, I can help at a deeper level.

How? I offer a free 20 minute telephone, whats app or Skype consultation, so we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

You can contact me to arrange an appointment at my consulting rooms in Chelmsford or if you are a very busy person, we can arrange a Skype consultation. A blend of Skype and face to face consulting may be arranged if desired.

Specialising in:  Women's Nutrition, Weight gain/loss, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Hormonal Imbalances, Menopause, Hair loss. collagen and elasticity decline, ageing concerns.

Bowel disorders
Digestive Disorders
High Blood Pressure/cholesterol
Menstrual Disorders and related conditions
Pregnancy and preconception

TELEPHONE: +447378838205

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First Initial Face to Face Consultation

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Follow Up Consultation - 30 mins

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Initial Skype Consultation

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Follow up Skype Consultation

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Consultation Form Downloads

Please download, complete online and email to me prior to your consultation.



client Intake_Form.pdf


What happens at my consultation?

A full medical history consultation will be taken so that we can look at all your body systems to see if there are any underlying issues that may surround your issue/s.  Normally, if you have many conditions that concern you, the primary condition will be treated first.
I shall take blood pressure and blood sugar readings, measure hip to waist ratio, look into your eyes using iridology diagnosis, look at your tongue and nails (through Chinese medicine modalities) and should any blood tests be required for further diagnosis, then this will be arranged.

Are you qualified and Accredited?

I am a fully qualified Nutritionist having completed The Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and I  am a full member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.  I am fully insured with 

How can you consult me on Skype?

Skype consulting can be very effective when I have all the information of your health status.  
Prior to the Skype consultation, you will be sent a full Medical History Questionnaire for your completion as well as asking you to upload close photos of your iris and tongue.  
Should it be a skin concern, then a close up picture of the area concerned will be most helpful!

Can you make my condition go away?

I am unable to give any promises to cure any condition but I look at what may be the cause of any condition.  My advice will be to help facilitate wellness and repair of the body as well as prevent further disease or disorders.

I simply want to know what to eat I have nothing wrong with me?

An initial consultation may be all you need but a full medical history and a typical week's food diary will need be logged so that I can see if there are enough nutrients being incorporated into your diet.  For example, medications can affect absorption of certain nutrients so this is why I need all the information!

I am overweight but I don't want to eat rabbit food?

You will need a full consultation and a full medical history questionnaire completed.  Being overweight may have other issues involved such as a underactive thyroid, sluggish metabolism or simply a diet too high in hidden sugars.
A well balanced diet will be planned of foods that you enjoy but that are of nutritional value.

I have a condition that is not listed on your website

Simply email me and I will see if I can help!

Do I need too see my doctor first?

Some conditions may be required to be discussed with your practitioner before contacting me.  Please email me if you are unsure or need further information.

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